Enhanced Vanilla
A Minecraft Survival Server by Phoenix616


This server is currently offline due to low interest. I (Phoenix616) am owner of another Minecraft server, Minebench.de! If you speak German or just want to take a look at what I do feel free to visit us there!

About the Server

This is a survival Minecraft server with an enhanced vanilla gameplay. It is currently invitation only so you have to know someone on the server or ask me (Phoenix616) if you want to join!

The server features a normal, 1.7 generation world where you can build wherever you want. The world is bordered around 2500 blocks but that might expand if new stuff gets introduced in future Minecraft versions!

The server's "ip" is moep.tv and it is currently also accessible via the Minebench.de BungeeCord. (/server moep)

Enhanced Vanilla?

Enhancing the normal vanilla survival gameplay of Minecraft means that you add more stuff to it which makes sense in the Minecraft setting. Look at the plugins section to see which additions we currently have. If you have a plugin or an idea that would make a good addition to the server just contact Phoenix616. :)


We use a soft-whitelist via the InvitationOnly plugin. That allows players to invite their friends to play with them even when they are not fully whitelisted yet! Invited players can only join and play if there are approved players online. They can also get to be full members if five members approve of him. On the other side two approved members can remove the invitation and prevent an invited player from joining. Here is the BukkitDev page if you are interested in a more detailed description.


FastCraft is a Bukkit plugin which allows you to craft a lot faster with a Crafting Table. It searches through the items in your inventory and shows you everything you can craft with it in a custom chest gui. You can find more info about it on its BukkitDev page.


Via the plugin SalvageSmelter you can smelt down items out of smeltable material. You can for example smelt down a Gold Sword to get Gold Ingots or Nuggets back.

The amount of the resulting material depends on the damage on the tool or armor you smelted down!